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May we introduce you to Peter Fatels?

We are very happy with the arrival of Peter in our team! His extensive work experience as “a spider in the web” comes in handy in the roles he fulfills within RVC. From his roles as project management and sales support, he will have a lot of customer contact. We would like to introduce Peter to you.

Peter, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Familie Fatels Fernandez.jpgMy name is Peter Fatels, born on 07-08-1960 in Heemskerk.  In October 1989 I married Arancha Fernández and meanwhile we have 3 sons, David 26 years, Marco 24 years and Jaime 20 years. Since 1993 we live in Maartensdijk, located between Utrecht and Hilversum.

Arancha is from Madrid, so we immediately come to one of my hobbies, Spain: Sun, Sea, tapas and a red wine makes me even happier 😊. Other hobbies are tennis and recently also padel. Marco is disabled and on Thursdays he has tennis lessons in Zeist. I help with the lessons, varying from playing to looking for balls at the neighbors.

What positions do you fulfill at RVC?

I start with two positions at RVC. At first I will be doing project management and sales support. As soon as possible, this will become just sales. As a support role, I will be there to relieve the sales team from administrative tasks, so that they can be with the customer. The advantage of the fact that I started with a double role, is that I will experience the bottlenecks between both departments. Hopefully I can make them work more smoothly.

What kind of work experience do you bring?

I started as a car mechanic, through white and brown goods sales, my own company in finishing press-work, PC sales to consumers I joined Fujitsu 13 years ago at the service desk. After a year I continued my career at the Salesdesk. As a Salesdesk, we supported the account managers, distributors and end customers, mainly ministries. Like “a spider in the web” from quotation to order. The last year I worked as a Sales Support/Back Office at SJ-Solutions, specialist in the field of storage, computing, backup, archiving and virtualization. One of Fujitsu's largest channel accounts. There I was able to work for a year with Profit from AFAS. This comes in handy again at RVC.

How do you feel about working at RVC?

Since almost my whole family has a medical background, RVC attracted me very much. It seems to me like a nice combination of IT and the medical world. Hopefully I can play a role in this.

Striking is the atmosphere in the company, informal and open. Amusing!