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The RVC portfolio offers a central system for the storage of all images, data and signals, both stationary and moving (DICOM and non-DICOM) resulting from a medical examination. During the development, specific attention was given to management, security, procedures and functionality that are specific for hospitals and independent treatment centres.
RVC Clinical PACS

RVC Clinical PACS offers the radiologist a complete solution for the entire radiological work process. Fast, structured reporting through voice recognition and optimum integration with the EHR. 

RVC Clinical Assistant

RVC Clinical Assistant supports the examination-related workflow from every department within the hospital. The application links to every piece of equipment that is used during a medical examination and records the data, signals and images at a central location.

RVC Clinical Insight

RVC Clinical Insight is RVC’s ‘zero footprint viewer’. This viewer offers from any location and at any desired moment access to all relevant diagnostic information: Images, Documents, Videos and all specific examination results.

Track and Trace

With RVC Track and Trace, you comply with the most stringent SFERD standard for cleaning and sterilisation. RVC Track & Trace links to the (pre-)cleaning, disinfection and drying equipment of every supplier. 


Integral insight into the patient because all of the available diagnostic information is gathered together in a diagnostic information system, the RVC Clinical Repository.

Interoperability and XDS

RVC enables the transmural sharing of images and reports by means of the global medical standard: IHE XDS.