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One solution for all diagnostics

In combination with RVC Clinical Repository, RVC Clinical Assistant offers a single central system for the storage of images within the hospital, both still and moving (DICOM and non-DICOM). Within RVC Clinical Assistant, the emphasis is on patient-related images. Images are linked as a group (series) to an examination (study) related to a patient. Research and analysis-related use, for instance, a diagnosis search is also possible.

Patient data

Because all patient data is stored in RVC Clinical Repository, it is immediately possible to share all patient data - regardless of the type. The powerful viewer can be integrated with any EHR. Depending on the type of study, the display matches the requirements of the user and the process. This gives you at any desired moment a complete and relevant overview of the examination data: images, signals and data. 


Using RVC Clinical Assistant reduces management costs, because the system uses a single database for all of a hospital’s departments. More than 20 different specialties also feel at home with our software. This means that by using it you prevent ‘island automation’ and reduce management costs. 


Within a hospital, every department has its own way of working. These different working methods can be followed by RVC Clinical Assistant. Functions and modules can be turned on or off per department. RVC Clinical Assistant can be linked to DICOM modalities. User groups can be assigned read and/or write permissions at the departmental level.


RVC Clinical Assistant Registration and Reporting quickly makes a high-quality report. This is done using a logical knowledge tree. Images can also be included to complete the report. The report can be sent to the EHR or given to the requester or the patient.


A presentation can easily be made based on the stored images. A selected number of images can be presented in an order you wish. The presentation can be saved and presented at a later date, for instance, during a multidisciplinary meeting.

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