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User interface

Based on modern HTML5 technology (thin client), RVC Clinical Insight offers a fast and attractive user interface that is especially suitable for use as a uniform viewer for the hospital-wide viewing of all types of medical information gathered about a patient.

RVC Clinical Repository | VNA

Store, manage and share all medical data using a single environment: that is what RVC Clinical Repository provides. A powerful VNA+ (Vendor Neutral Archive) that stores all data in its original format. This allows all functionality to be retained and no information is lost. If desired, the data can be converted to the standard DICOM format. RVC Clinical Repository offers extensive opportunities for information lifecycle management. This reduces the cost of storing very large quantities of data.


RVC Clinical Repository offers extensive possibilities for intramural and extramural sharing. Whether it is a regular HL7 connection, DICOM store, SFTP or a fully developed XDS implementation: there is always a solution that fits your specific requirements and the available budget.

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