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The plus in VNA+

RVC Clinical Repository is more than just an archive; it is a total solution that offers connectivity for all devices (DICOM and non-DICOM) and extensive information lifecycle management functionality. Access of the device data and images is possible via specialist viewers that connect to RVC Clinical Repository. These viewers offer all functionalities that are tailored to the information needs and specific wishes of medical specialists.

Because of the extensive capabilities and functions within RVC Clinical Repository, we call our solution a VNA+.

The VNA+ of RVC offers more than just archiving and viewing the data. It provides real support for the workflows of different disciplines. From radiology to pathology. From surgery to dermatology. From ophthalmology to neurology.


Our VNA+ ensures that the data in the RVC Clinical Repository can be shared with all healthcare providers within the chain of care and, looking ahead, also with the patient based on various techniques including XDS(-i) and FHIR. Because all data is available within the VNA+, this cross-enterprise connectivity only requires a single implementation of the interface.

VNA viewers

In addition to RVC Clinical Repository, RVC provides a choice of three viewers that work seamlessly with each EHR. All images, data and signals are archived in their original format and our viewers can show all of these images. As a result, the use of different viewers for each individual subsystem is no longer necessary.

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