In order to continually raise the level of care it provides, in 2017, UZ Gent decided to modernise the gastrointestinal and liver disease department’s infrastructure. Not only the examination rooms, disinfection rooms and the reception area were renovated, the digital systems were also replaced. A very important aspect of the new system was the centralisation of all of the department’s digital processes. For example, a requirement was that the software should be able to link with the disinfection devices, the different endoscopy towers and with the endoscopes’ RFID tags. Another was that protocols should be easy to make for all types of examination. And it had to be possible to include both the endoscopic images and the protocol in the report.


RVC’s imaging, reporting and tracking software went live at UZ Gent in October 2018 after a 4-month implementation period.
The Pentax and Olympus video towers are linked together, allowing the gastroenterologists to record photos and videos at the touch of a button. 
The protocols were amended based on the wishes of the medical team. The endoscopic images and protocols are processed together, so that all examination information can be consulted on every computer at UZ Gent. Finally, UZ Gent uses RVC Track & Trace.  The data from the Steelco equipment is included in the digital logbook. This logbook also contains records of which patient was treated with which endoscope.


Today, patients in the endoscopic unit find themselves in a comfortable environment. The medical equipment is optimally used so that regardless of the brand and type of the medical device, the appropriate link is made with the central RVC Clinical Assistant software.  The result is that the medical protocols are recorded based on the internationally established Minimal Standard Terminology (MST). By using RVC Track & Trace, UZ Gent is sure that the endoscopic equipment is disinfected according to the stringent SFERD 4.0 guideline, making UZ Gent’s gastrointestinal and liver diseases department ready for the digital future.