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We guarantee the quality of the projects and products to be delivered through regular coordination and peer reviews. Our customers receive an extensive monthly progress report.

We believe in the joint execution of projects, with thorough testing being a focal point. That is why we ask our customers - if necessary with RVC’s support - to draw up a test plan to also test the customer-specific workflow within the project.  

And because no implementation and no customer is the same, these general principles translate into a specific project approach for each project.


RVC Consultancy has extensive experience of implementing RVC Clinical Assistant at new hospitals and of connecting additional specialisms within existing hospitals.

But we do more:

  • links for new/additional equipment;
  • links with (virtually) all other systems within the hospital, e.g. VNA;
  • links to quality bodies including BVO / VREST / DICA;
  • regional exchange by means of XDS(-i);
  • user training.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the following areas:

  • Knowledge of building and managing databases, implementation/linking of databases, etc.;
  • Insight into digital file durability. We support various protocols and participate in various discussion groups;
  • Communication protocols and workflow within a hospital, including HL-7 and DICOM;
  • Knowledge of various storage media, storage and management of large volumes of data;
  • Working with confidential data.