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When a patient comes to the hospital for an ultrasound or ECG examination, an order is created in the EHR. Our software ensures that this order is visible on the worklist of the modality. As a doctor or laboratory technician, you will see the patient to be treated in your work list. For this patient, you can then carry out the relevant examination. At the end of the cardiology examination, the images are automatically sent to the RVC Clinical Repository. With our viewer, RVC Clinical Assistant, you can assess the images and compare them with previous results.  The software supports you in performing accurate measurements.

In addition to cardiac ultrasounds and ECGs, it is possible to record other examinations within RVC Clinical Assistant, including the stress test with the bicycle. Your stress test results are also stored in the RVC Clinical Repository.

It is possible to automatically send a message to the EHR that the patient's results are available. These are visible with one mouse-click in the EHR system.   

Module reporting

In addition to assessing and comparing images, data and signals, you can draw up a report directly with our Registration & Clinical Documentation module. A knowledge tree structure will help you quickly and efficiently to create a high-quality report for your exam. The auto-conclusion and comments from the modality are automatically included in the report if desired. Images can be annotated.  The report with images is added to the patient file and can also be easily sent to the General Practitioner.


RVC Clinical Assistant can be deployed hospital-wide within all specialties. When patients are being treated in different departments, images, signals and data can be exchanged internally and also cross-enterprise to different hospitals. This allows you as a doctor to see an integrated patient image and makes multidisciplinary consultation also possible.

Connecting modalities

The RVC software is vendor-independent. We have successfully connected a lot of medical equipment from various brands. If the device is not yet known to us, we do our utmost to realize the interface with our software for doctors.

With our software we offer support for: Angio, ECG, ECG from ambulance, Ultrasound, PDF documents (e.g. documentation of ergometry, holter or haemodynamics), Holter, IVUS and OCT, Data / numbers (e.g. pacemaker or haemodynamics), X-Thorax, CT and MR examinations.

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