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Customised solutions

RVC Clinical Assistant offers a standard solution for all of these situations, with the examination data always being linked to the correct patient and study.


  1. ENT: there is no order or appointment for an examination, only an outpatient appointment. Based on the anamnesis, the ENT specialist decides whether to carry out an examination and which one. RVC Clinical Assistant can use the outpatient appointment to fill in the work list
  2. Gynaecology: many patients only have an outpatient appointment, but some more extensive examinations are scheduled. The combination of agenda items that will be shown on the work list can be specified for each echo device.
  3. A clinical work list incorporating a list of admitted patients: can be directly selected, no examination schedule required (e.g. for Echo, ECG or photo).

Thanks to the flexible and integrated workflow support provided by RVC Enterprise PACS, we were able to simply connect all image-processing specialisms to the system. Great added value for both the end user and the management organisation.