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RVC Clinical PACS can be linked to your EHR. In this way, appointments from your calendar system appear in a worklist. It is also possible to make appointments directly in RVC Clinical PACS. Once you select the appointment, you can start the study on the modality or consult previous examinations of the patient. The images of the studies from the worklist are loaded into the viewer. The patient images are shown successively, allowing you to quickly and efficiently assess all examinations from the selected worklist. As a radiologist, you don't have to switch between multiple systems. Finally, supported by speech recognition, you can easily create a structured report.

Configuration per user

Shortcuts, display configurations and hanging protocols can be easily adapted to your individual requirements. In addition to the international standard hanging protocols, it is possible to compile your own hanging protocol at individual or departmental level. These can be shared with each other. For example, as head of the department, it is possible to create hanging protocols and share them with colleagues. This flexibility and the intuitive user interface in our software contributes to an intuitive support of your workflow.

Reading protocols mammography

In RVC Clinical PACS, specific reading protocols for mammography are present. These reading protocols follow international standards and allow you to assess mammograms efficiently.


Images in the RVC Clinical PACS can of course be shared with hospitals in the region via XDS-i and Twiin interfaces.


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